• Sascha Cawa (Katermukke, Heinz Music - Berlin)

Sascha, is resident DJ of Kater Blau, essential part of the Kater community in Berlin, co-founder and one of the main producers of the label Katermukke.
He is renowned for his joint productions with Dirty Doering, with tracks such as the Bar 25 anthem „"I Would“.
He is involved in the sounds of several other well-established, German artists such as Britta Arnold and Madmotormiquel.
His latest own productions and remixes have appeared on Heinz Music, Formatik, Ursl, Dear Deer and Karera.


• Jens Kuehnemann (ICR, Groovement)
• Bek (Electric Fabric)

Datum: Samstag 19.01 Doors 23:45
• Thomas Schumacher (Electric Ballroom Berlin)

• Mad.lyn (DOCKS)
• Julez Cordoba (BAALSAAL, ICR)

Datum: Samstag 26.01 Doors 23:45
BAALSAAL - Reeperbahn 25, 20359 HH
Balance is the key to Hunter/Game's music. It's part of growing up in Milan - a sophisticated urban centre for film, fashion and art, but whose inhabitants relish the contrast of spending reflective time in the nature that surrounds the city. Having been part of Milan's techno scene since its first days, the duo of Emmanuele Nicosia and Martino Bertola now find themselves equally influenced by the city and by nature - making music that harnesses the urban propulsion of techno within an introspective, thoughtful take on melody.

Hunter/Game (Just This Compact Innervisions Milan)


• Obiter (Verflixt & Zugedröhnt)

• Neeco (Verflixt & Zugedröhnt)

Datum: Samstag 02.02 23:45Uhr
BAALSAAL Reeperbahn 25, 20359 Hamburg
Wir laden euch ein, am Samstag den 09.02 zum BöseBässe Showcase

SHOWTIME 23:45 - 08:00

JOSH CALO (Abs-Track) Barcelona
ANDREA MATTEU (BöseBässe) Italy
KRUEGER (BöseBässe)
JUSTIIIN (BöseBässe)

Entry 10 Euro

Reeperbahn 25
20359 Hamburg



Thank's Team BoeseBaesse
Enchant Audio Showcase @ Baalsaal, Hamburg


Raumakustik [Toolroom Suara Formatik]
Neal Porter Music [Moonbootique Great Stuff]
Superbuzz [Enchant Audio Kit Kat Club]
DJ Matt Blue [Pacha Recordings]
Bek [Electric Fabric]

Kick Off: 23.45
Entrance: 10,-
Venue: BAALSAAL , Reeperbahn 25, Hamburg St. Pauli
When Alfred Heinrichs, born in East Berlin, bought his first record (DJ Rok) in 1992 at the Hardwax store, he knew immediately that he just discovered his destiny. Infected by the revolutionary optimism of the techno-punk movement of the 90s, he quickly found his way from demo tapes to the turntables in the clubs of Berlin. Just turned twenty, Alfred Heinrichs explored his talent to produce his own electronic music and released his first record in 1997 under his first pseudonym on dns records. Open, vivid and a little crazy – this is how you can describe the personality of the label owner of supdub, supdub digitales, moonplay the best. All of that can easily be found in his productions. He is fascinated and inspired by a wide spectrum of sounds. Unique and beautiful compositions with great attention to detail are created. He likes to impress his fans with sensitivity, refined rhythms and integrated sound gimmicks.

Alfred Heinrichs (Supdub Rec. / Berlin)

Support by:

Kolipii & Cebrah (Auralverkehr)
Mike Peppel / Grünanlage

Datum: Samstag 16.02 Doors 23:45Uhr
BAALSAAL - Reeperbahn 25, 20359 HH
Markus Klee is quickly becoming a synonym for energizing groovy techno and tech house.

The Berlin-based DJ and producer has been part of the Berlin electronic music scene for many years now and has since then become simply irreplaceable. His first experiences as a DJ were however as spontaneous and coincidental as could be: his talents came to surface during several after hour parties, where he would perfect his skills and experiment on a self-taught basis. Markus Klee is well known for demonstrating great expertise and performing in Berlin clubs like Ritter Butzke, IPSE, Suicide Circus or Weekend, which in turn allowed him to become a guest DJ in Munich’s best clubs and has given him the opportunity to successfully showcase his talents internationally in countries like Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Austria, Serbia and Switzerland.

In early 2015 he began releasing his very own tracks on his very own label, Konzeptions, which he co-founded along with SoKool and Mr. Schug. He has additionally released tracks on labels like Lapsus Music & Patent Skillz.



Rob Me (This Ain't Bristol)

Cenit (Flug von Welt)

Datum: Samstag 23.02 Doors 23:45Uhr
BAALSAAL - Reeperbahn 25, 20359 HH
• Marco Resmann

(Watergate Records, Upon.You / Berlin)

• Julez Cordoba (BAALSAAL, ICR)
• Diskotød (Red Beard Records)

Datum: Samstag 09.03 Doors 23:45
BAALSAAL - Reeperbahn 25, 20359 HH
Joyce Muniz (Official)

Born in Brazil and moving to Vienna in the mid-90s to her pursue her musical dreams, she started out mixing drum & bass and breaks, and soon landed a residency at the legendary Flex Club. This regular slot pushed her to develop into playing a more eclectic multitude of styles, from house and techno to dub. It was here that her ‘sound’ began to form, drawing on a wide range of influences and styles and filtering them into a dance floor context. Amassing a huge vinyl collection and a deep knowledge of electronic music along the way, she laid her strong foundations in these formative years.


SUZé (Inner Circle Rec, La Familia)
taracho (Kollektiv Erste Sahne/Bunker)

Datum: Samstag 19.01 Doors 23:45
Ray Okpara (AMA recordings, Oslo)

Cenit (Flug von Welt)
Zulu + Dreher (La Familia)

Datum: Samstag 04.05 Doors 23:45
BAALSAAL - Reeperbahn 25, 20359 HH

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