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Jeffrey Sfire (CockTail d'Amore Berlin, Detroit)

Jeffrey Sfire plays 80's italo, high nrg, chicago house, and everything WBMX. He grew up in Detroit, Chicago, & New York. Learning by example, Sfire’s taste and skills as a DJ developed naturally and he soon began playing out at parties, clubs and sleazy gay afterhours, usually entering covertly through back doors or with a fake ID.
At the age of 18, a move to Chicago exposed Sfire to a whole other side of dance music history, including the Italo Disco and High Energy sounds of the 1980s. All he wants is for it to be real real real.



ヽ( ・∀・)ノ°(ᴗ)°ヽ( ・∀・)ノ°(ᴗ)°ヽ( ・∀・)ノ
Gigolo Tears & The Crybabies

Gigolo Tears klingt nach Banana Split am Beach, gebrochenen Herzen und eingeölten Muskeln. Es ist das Soloprojekt von Christin Elmar Schalko, Sängerin, Multiinstrumentalistin, Produzentin und eine Hälfte des Hamburger Ex-Duos Zucker. Schalko: „Gigolo Tears was founded either to make every man on this planet cry or at least to make every woman dance.“ In der Spannungsfläche von Aggression, Zärtlichkeit und Humor findet Schalko relevante Themen und Motive. In die scheinbar ungebrochen poppigen Stücke mischt sie heimlich und dennoch treffsicher Feminis- mus, Melancholie und die Attitude, dass das hier ihr Spielplatz sei, auf dem sie sich frei austoben kann und dennoch das Regelwerk des Zirkus genau verstanden hat, um es nach ihren Vorstellungen tanzen zu lassen. Dabei hat Sie nie Angst vor der großen Geste, der epischen Melodie, den Plastikstreichern. Um ihre starken Popsongs live per- formen zu können, wird sie auf der Bühne von den „Crybabies“ unterstützt – von wem auch sonst? In ihrem letzten Videorelease „Cry For Love“ weinten nicht weniger als 500 Männer, während Schalko vor trocknender Wäsche in der Sonne tanzte. So cool muss man erstmal sein. Die Verheißung von Pop liegt seidig schimmernd in der Luft. ::

DJ Patex & Marga Glanz
Einen Abend als Homage an den Plattenladen der mich am meisten geprägt hat: Digg A Little Deeper...

Da kommt
Instrumental Hip Hop + Strange Funk + Random & Indie Rap + B-Sides + Remixe + Boogie Shit +

Von Platte. Ok? Ok!

An den Geräten: Ludwig Mausberg

Bitte Danke

Eintritt Freu
Mehr dazu Charlotte Bendiks – the northern ambassador of distant intimacy. She likes dogs, Jacuzzis, riding a bike, bålkos, å få napp, her own oceans of emotions, hummus, Rhabarbersaftschorle, free WiFi, Mezcal, dark days and dark nights, talking fast, dancing slow, serious shit, funny shit, singing, getting dirty, staying away, getting close, going hard, being active, being passive, being together, being there, getting it all.

A DJ, a producer, and a positive thinker, she spent the last years exploring music, people, life and places.

From her home town Tromsø, where she ran her own clubseries, actively shaped the Insomnia Festival, and released two records on Mental Overdrive’s Love OD label, to Cologne, where she cooperated with artists like Coma, Lena Willikens, and developed a long lasting mutual love affair with the Salon des Amateurs. She has been traveling ever since and played, danced, loved, and laughed her way around the globe- from Buenos Aires’ infamous Dengue Dancing Parties, to festival sites in Hanoi, Montevideo, Marseille, and Berlin.

Playful and silly, and therefore confident and sexy, whether as a Dj or playing live, her music is deep, dark, and psychedelic.
DJ's: Barbara Preisinger & Marc Schneider All Night on the 1's & 2's!

Barbara Preisinger has been an integral part of the Berlin club scene since moving from
Munich in the late 90s. In 2009 she launched her vinyl label SLICES OF LIFE.

Barbara Preisinger first began dj-ing in 1996 in her hometown of Munich and was playing regularly at the the green flokati room of the "ultraschall" club. in the Summer of 1998 Barbara left Munich for Berlin, where she started working as a freelance press and radio promoter for electronic music. In the years that followed she represented various labels and acts from the experimental music scene, ranging from straight clubsounds to electronic pop and indie-electronia.

1999 saw her co-found the label ˜scape, together with Stefan Betke aka Pole, creating an open platform for the productions of Kit Clayton, Jan Jelinek, Deadbeat, Pole amongst many others. Before long she was a resident dj at regular scape nights in berlin and other locations within europe, japan and also further afield in north america. Over the years her musical preferences as dj have changed and developed continuously to House and Techno. Her passion is to play for the dancefloor, mixing kicking house and deep techno, all the while remaining open towards interesting and outstanding tunes that makes you move. And she has been doing exactly that at many a prestigious location around the globe in recent years, including festivals as Sonar, Benicassim, DEMF, Club Transmediale Berlin, Mutek, Unsound Festival mention but a few.

Autumn 2009 Barbara Preisinger founded the 12inch vinyl label SLICES OF LIFE which is focused on organic sounding and diverse club music, with releases by Betke, Mike Huckaby, Baaz, John Tejada and The Mole.

The label´s founding year also marked the beginning of the event series DEEP IN THE BOX with regular parties at Berlin´s Club der Visionäre, Wilde Renate, Ipse among other places. In September 2015 Barbara Preisinger moved DEEP IN THE BOX to the Globus floor at Berlin´s legendary TRESOR club, where she has been hosting her parties every 2 months since then.
Mehr dazu YPY is a solo project by an Osaka-based multi-instrumentalist and composer Koshiro Hino. Hino plays a central role in the four-piece minimalist instrumental band Goat, and a hardcore induced percussive outfit Bonanzas, as well as operating his own cassette tape label birdFriend. Without being confined to a certain genre, his unruly outputs encompass wide variety of styles, often with a particular focus on percussive elements, from dance floor friendly techno and house tracks to much headier and noisier experimental excursions. After self-releasing works from his own birdFriend label, his first EP “Visions” was released from Berlin-based Nous Disques in 2015, followed by his debut full-length „Zurhyrethm“ in June 2016 from EM Records from Osaka, then another LP “2020” from UK’s Where To Now? label in February 2017. All while he keeps himself busy initiating and composing large scale ensemble pieces such as Virginal Variations (2016) and Geist (2018), working and touring internationally with Stefan Schneider as a duo HINOSCH, he manages to maintain his own universe as YPY to express himself in extremely unique and highly improvisational live sets using cassette tapes.

With nearly 95 percent of the current DJ population adopting enigmatic personas, it is now our duty to only present music by artists who have the time to present a deeply coded dance music mystery. Enter R.O.S.H., who first came to our attention via French legend Laurent Garnier (a clue?!?). All the info we were provided - a VHS copy of something called “The Crystal Maze” and references to televised ritual humiliation - was merely the first layer to be peeled back before the ultimate reveal, the kind of “Oh, cool” moment that keeps us all going in these uncertain times.

As any self-respecting Techno Sleuth worth their BPM magnifying glass knows, “You gotta follow the music.” We sat down with a team of empaths to break down the release into a series of generic descriptors we hoped would tell us something about R.O.S.H.’s identity. Here’s what they came up with:

“90s vibes”
“Just the right kind of crazy"
“Gee, this is really good”

After cross-referencing the data, we found no reason to reject the hypotheses that R.O.S.H. is “probably British” and also “an alien.” All of which is to say that things just got a lot more interesting at Twin Turbo. We’ll keep you posted.

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