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Betonkust 1080p/ Pinkman

"The aim is to make something beautiful and just to have fun, nothing else." This is the simple mantra of Dutch artist Betonkust, and one that has helped establish him as one of the most exciting artists of the day. He takes his music seriously, but always plays with the aim of keeping the dance floor engaged and enthused. As a live act he serves up a restless mix of often dark music, from new beat to techno,
acid to electro, teasing in new strains of sound and cooking up real musical adventures on a whim. As a DJ, he plays new releases alongside known or lesserknows classics, complemented by his own productions.Either way, he keeps people guessing and on their toes.
In the studio, Betonkust is just as instinctive in his approach. He doesn't really care about expensive gear or complicated technical stuff, it's more about entertaining himself while producing the tracks. To this day he still uses the very first machine he ever bought, the Boss DR-660, and it remains a big part of his sound. The studio work has resulted in releases on 1080p and Crimes Of The Future, as well as 'Hotel
Breukelen' on Pinkman, '0% Swing' on 9300 and underground hits such as '24x33' from the Center Parcs album on Dekmantel in 2018.
Like most of his music, it was a lo-fi, nostalgic, hazy work of dreamy melody and roughhewn drums that takes you to a place in your past that never really existed.
Betonkust's sound is clearly influenced by electro from The Hague, combined with Belgian new beat, acid and rave, but the melancholic melodies and harmonies could also be traced back to Cocteau Twins and Nirvana. The result is a combination of addictive rhythms and bittersweet emotions that will linger in your memory.
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The Emperor Machine - Live
(Bizarre Inc., Chicken Lips, U.K.)

& Katja Ruge

Andrew Meecham AKA The Emperor Machine is known for his engaging stage shows and his new live set is certain to further cement his reputation. Featuring dual MPCs with an array of synths and samplers that are changing all the time.

The Emperor has been busy doing this in one guise or another since the birth of the 90s, firstly as part of Bizarre Inc, then Chicken Lips, and now as a solo analogue performer who has remixed everyone from The Knife and The Rapture to Erol Alkan, Andrew Weatherall and Daft Punk.
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Unique 3

Winston Hazel
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"When the drop hammers in the forges were going off to the east of the city, you'd get the industrial sounds ricocheting off the hills"

Winston Hazel


Forgemasters -Track With No Name
Unique 3 - The Theme
The Orginators
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Ralf Köster vs. Stephen Christian


Thx to Stefan Strüver and Steve Beckett ...
For The Inspiration , The mOve ...
As one of the first Dutch musicians to establish a vital connection between Detroit and Amsterdam, Orlando Voorn has long been recognized as one of the Netherland’s most original and inventive producers in the world of electronic dance music.

Voorn began djing at the tender age of 12 and went on to win the Dutch DMC DJ Championships in 1986 with his own characteristic blend of hiphop and electro. Towards the end of the eighties he acquired his first sequencer, packed away his turntables and turned his hand to producing.

Following a series of dancefloor tracks recorded for the now defunct Lower East Side Records under the monniker of Frequency in the early nineties (Where Is Your Evidence, Kiss The Sky…), he was introduced to Juan Atkins (Industrial Metal, Game One) and went on to work with both Derrick May and Blake Baxter (as one half of the Ghetto Brothers). Voorn was also recording as Nighttripper (Tone Exploitation), Format (Solid Session - one of the most sought after classic techno records until its re-release in 1998), Basic Bastard, The Living Room, Baruka, Fix (Flash on Kevin Saunderson’s legendary KMS label), Dope Dog, Boy (Paco Di Bango’s World) and Stalker (The Stalker/The Riderman)… Many of these tracks can be heard on the double cd Best of Nightvision.

Having made his mark producing his own vision of techno, ambient and hiphop and adamantly sidestepping genre limitations thus far, Voorn’s announcement that his "Redeye" album would see a foray into drum’n’bass territory aroused both anticipation and curiosity. While Voorn undoubtedly has an ear for melody, this has always been combined with an innate understanding of the importance of atmosphere and tension in music. Like Squarepusher, Amon Tobin, and Photek, he uses drum’n’bass rhythms to create something beyond pure dance music.

Member of Manchester, UK's hottest female DJ collective, Not Bad for a Girl, Maracuya slams out high energy heat behind the decks. Fusing heavy UK bass and breaks with mind-scrambling global bangers from Uganda to Taiwan, she'll have no trouble keeping your feet moving in the dance.

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