12.04.2019, 23:45

Baalsaal - Groovement NØID Showcase w/ Nick Olivetti & Heider

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Freitag 12.04.2019
Reeperbahn 25 // BAALSAAL


∆ Nick Olivetti (Dirtybird This Ain't Bristol)

∆ Heider (NOID House of Hustle)

∆ Mad Brother (Snoe Groovement)

∆ Nauthic (Groovement Hamburg)

NØID is an independent party and label based in Italy.
Founded in 2015 as a simple party it grew in rather short span of time to become one of the most recognisable realities in the city of Bergamo, a province characterised by its flourishing club scene. As a Party it can boast hosting a lot of international Djs, often times for their debut in Italy, such as: Tim Baresko, Will Clarke, MAXIMONO, GAWP & others.
In 2019 the party founded its in house record label aiming to promote and develop its own vision of music and clubbing producing both Italian and International Artists.
NØID’s Mission is to bring back the fun to Italian clubbing leaving in the past the old and already seen establishment that weights on the national scene bringing something new to the table both in terms of music and artists.

RA: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1243964