14.10.2018, 20:00

Golden Pudel Club - MFOC: Future Debts, Madteo (live)

Flyer für: Golden Pudel Club - MFOC: Future Debts, Madteo (live)
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Support: Alex Solman & Cornelius

MADTEO, known to his family and friends as Matteo Ruzzon, is at once a single-minded producer and a voracious DJ. Now residing back in his Italian motherland, it was his move to New York in the mid-90s that shaped Ruzzon’s musical world. The grim beauty of NYC seeps deeply into his being and by extension, the music he makes. Slowing the city’s relentless pace down to a crawl and amplifying the results, strange apparitions of melody and voice (often his own) swim to the surface. His dense, blunted production style draws as much from his love of dub and reggae as it does from the subtle maximalism of Italo and the cut-ups of The Bomb Squad, while his career-spanning work with rapper Sensational further expands upon NYC’s unique hip-hop heritage.