14.03.2019, 23:00

Golden Pudel Club - DJ Stingray Invites Nene H & Shyboi

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DJ Stingray Invites ... in Hamburg without DJ Stingray :(

Because he has to fly to Detroit for family reasons next week
but, he send Nene H as a substitute for him
a big favourite of Sherard
plus as originally planned Shyboi from Discowomen New York City

This is bad news for DJ Stingray Fans but a good thing for the Women's movement and that on World Women's Day !

DJ Stingray Alternative date at Golden Pudel asap, promised !

Nene H “ – one of the most exciting new faces on Berlin’s ever-expanding experimental club circuit...her sound contrasts harsh noise and drone aesthetics with lush Arabic melodies and contemporary club structures to hypnotic effect. Her rhythms are typically built out of raw, distorted pulses, channelling the abstract, textural sonics of artists like Mika Vainio and Alva Noto, and applying these to modern beat templates...Her mix for us opens tentatively with tense layers of rippling static and pulsing tones, which eventually give way to uptempo electro, clattering industrial and sweatbox EBM. The tempo never dips below 140 bpm, making it easy to see why electro pioneer DJ Stringray recently tipped her as one of the best currently at work in contemporary club music.”