13.03.2015, 00:00

Golden Pudel Club - poem02 release

James Freud
good news
Dj DC Schuhe

James Freud is not the deceased singer of the Australian New Wave band "The Models". James Freud is not a young art-school dropout with an affinity for electronic music. James Freud does not live in Berlin - He seems to come out of the blue and it is hard to say whether his production is analogue or digital, whether it is sampled material or sound-design. Because of the strange maturity of his work the tracks seem to come from both the past and the future. Thanks to the digging-qualities of dj good news (who runs the Hamburg based poem-label) a selection of James Freud's oeuvre is now brought to light through the 12" "5-Track Extended Play" - To cut a long story short: Mental futurism is wise optimism