27.06.2018, 00:00

Golden Pudel Club - Ab 20 Uhr: FATJAZZ mit CHAD POPPLE and BAND // Andrew Lafkas – b, Bryan Eubanks – sax/electronics, Chad Popple – perc

Mehr dazu Chad Charles Popple, geboren am 1974 in Milwaukee/ Wisconsin, zählt zu den bemerkenswertesten Schlagzeugern und Perkussionisten Hamburgs. Sein Repertoire reicht von gewaltigem Noise- und Math-Rock-Drumming über Free-Jazz-Texturen bis hin zu filigranem Tabla-Spiel. Ende der 1990er, als er mit der US-Gruppe Colossamite in Europa unterwegs war, verschlug es ihn nach Hamburg, wo er seitdem seinen festen Wohnsitz hat. Chad Popple ist Mitglied der Gruppen Gorge Trio, Deep Space X, Rocket No. 9 und PiHo HuPo. Mit letzteren hat er kürzlich ein „Foump“ betiteltes Album für das Hamburger Label Buback Tonträger eingespielt.

Andrew Lafkas is a musician currently living in Berlin, Germany. His primary instrument is the contrabass. He is currently focused on developing pieces for largish ensembles that encourage group intuition; this interest is greatly inspired by and influenced by experiences working in groups led by Milo Fine and Bill Dixon. He is also active in the groups Oceans Roar 1000 Drums, with Todd Capp and Bryan Eubanks, and a trio with Marcia Bassett and Barry Weisblat. He has performed at venues and festivals including Walker Art Center, The Living Theatre, Experimental Intermedia, the Vision Festival, and the Seattle Improvised Music Festival.

Bryan Eubanks (b. 1977, US) is a musician composing electronic and acoustic works for small ensembles, solo instruments, and custom generative software; improvising in collaboration; and working with acoustic holography, a stereophonic recording and diffusion technique. Since 2001 he has been developing electronic systems and instruments, participated in many collaborative projects, and presented his work internationally. sacredrealism.org/bryaneubanks