20.04.2013, 00:00

Golden Pudel Club - Compost Blacklabel Session: Philipp Stoya & Deo&Z-Man

Compost Blacklabel Session Hamburg No2:

Philipp Stoya
Deo & Z-Man

Philipp Stoya first musical experience started in the well known club “Kassablanca” which is strongly linked to a famous local label, he explored clubs like “Muna”, Leipzigs “Distillery”, Hamburgs “BaalSaal”, Berlin´s “Kleine Reise” or notorious “Berghain”,After his first released track “Triohu” on Compost Black Label #83, Philipp decided to take a little distance from clubbing and get more focused on producing. He lingers this summer at “Fusion Festival” sitting right next to the “Turmbühne” where he thought about what Christian Prommer said: ”It is not about getting coolness, it´s about to be satisfied with your own production and see how the music reaches the people on a emotional level.“ Philipp finished his second musical piece „Ransd“ in order to bring the „partyfist in the air“. Check out Philipp Stoya´s remixes coming out soon for: Marbert Rocel „Lax Sax“, Siff Sicious „Fisten“ and Madpac „Angry Nerds“. We are excited.

Deo & Z-Man are bloodbrothers from Hamburg with Italian roots. They grew up influenced by different styles from hip hop over psyrock to italopop. Now they blend eveverything in an inconceivable and multifaceted way to release music on various labels such as compost and opsm. Known for impressing live sets, enthusiastic dj gigs and innovative produktion skills, they never dedicated themselves to a single genre but preserved their extraversion to any kind of quality music. That let their spread expand and makes them always sound unique and fresh.