10.04.2013, 23:00

Golden Pudel Club - Have a nice Skweeevening - with Limonious (Flogsta Danshall, SWE) & Rüftata 110 (MFOC/Pudel)

After a short hiatus the Skweeevenings are back at the Pudel! To celebrate the start of the summer Skweee season (Skweeeason?), we have a very special treat for you: Frans Carlqvist aka Limonious aka Pavan is one of the musicians without whom the Skweeee movement would not exist. Responsible for many classics of the genre, Limonious delivers a live set so funky and mindblowing it has to be seen to be believed. After a brilliant Pudel gig with Mesak in 2011 and a remix for Gustav on Pudel Produkte (!), Frans is finally returning to our little shack at the harbour to remind everyone why they call him the Godfather of Skweee.

We also have a special guest DJ: Pudel's own Rüftata 110 (MFOC) will dig out some Skweee from his legendary vinyl collection. Yeah!

Also on the decks are your hosts Andi Otto (Pingipung) and Digital Norman (Sounds Outta Range/ByteFM).

Have a nice Skweeevening!