29.04.2018, 00:00

Golden Pudel Club - 21:30 O.S.T. – 00:30 Dalglish

Mehr dazu Chris Douglas came on to the scene in 1992 with the futuristic Basilar EP, pressed by the same plant that put out a large chunk of the early Detroit Techno. In the timeline of experimental electronic music with a dance floor bent, the Basilar EP is an important stepping stone for genres that only later had names like ‘I.D.M.’

In 1995 Chris intended to release a harsh, sparse, yet ambient beat work called ‘Fimt’ on Jonah Sharp/Space Time Continuum’s label ‘Reflective records’. They knew each other from both residing in the San Francisco bay area. Rumor has it that it was decided that Chris’ music was ‘too dark’ so Chris rightfully decided to sit on ‘Fimt’ until a more appreciative label came his way. Even though the full length didn’t work out their relationship produced a Space Time Continuum remix album featuring O.S.T. entitled ‘rEMIT rECAPS’. Some suspect that Autechre got a glimpse of O.S.T. at this time for they also did a Space Time Continuum remix on the same LP. Then Phthalo Records took notice to O.S.T.’s peculiar way of composing electronic music and within just over a year they had released 5 O.S.T. limited edition CDs. After Phthalo, Chris moved on to Emanate where he released the ground breaking LP ‘Deflect’. The final track on Deflect ‘Belin’ was a barrage of noisy and sometimes random-seeming beats but strewn with beautiful floating melodies. It was a clue of things to come not only for O.S.T.’s own music but for electronic beat music as a whole.

In April of 2002, O.S.T. appeared as an opening act for Autechre, at their request, during their Confield Tour. Following these events, O.S.T. saw to it that his final full length was released on his own label Qlipothic titled ‘Seimlste’. Seimlste was the first exposure Robbie of RLR had to O.S.T. He was quite taken by its fine balance between noise and discernable rhythmic electronic music. Coincidentally, around this same time ‘Fimt’ was finally released by Isolate Records, ran by Wai Cheng. Isolate records had also just appeared on Robbie’s radar at the time, only time would show that by late 2004 Fluorescent Grey would also signed to Isolate for the release ‘Lying on the floor mingling with god’ . After Wai’s untimely death in 2006, Chris had an album intended for release on Isolate Records that was without a home. After much deliberation between Chris and Robbie, eventually it was agreed to release it on Record Label Records. In Robbie’s words ‘it is the best thing Chris has done, an amazing full length’

The O.S.T. moniker is now deceased, and Chris Douglas will continue under various other names such as Dalglish and Rook Valard. Most recently Chris has done a collaborative DVD with visual art group Transforma, titled SYNKEN. Also out now is ‘Otjohr’ a free digital full length under the Dalglish moniker. Stay tuned in January for the upcoming Dalglish/O.S.T./Chris Douglas full length CD on Record Label Records. dalglish.bandcamp.com