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Mehr dazu For René the driving aspect in his approach to music has been the fascination for sound and the complexity of sounds structures and as a consequence the creation of sounds. The world of music René started to explore as being a music enthusiast in the end of the 80ies, than becoming a dj, working in the famous record store Hard Wax in Berlin and becoming a music producer and sound designer. Since he made his first steps into this terrain he is considered as one of the earliest and may most defining protagonists of the sound the Berlin / Hard Wax enviroment is known for. His first envolvment in music production had as a early result the maxi single „Vainqueur – Lyot“. This piece draw a lot of attention right from the start and became in the years later a benchmark in electronic music.
Along with his dj companion DJ Pete / Peter Kuschnereit he began to work for their project Scion and it‘s early productions where chosen to be the first release titled „Emerge“ when in the mid of the 90ies Basic Channel found Chain Reaction as their sub division. Various productions and releases followed including the final CD al- bum „Elevations“ in 1998. In 2002 as part of the Scion project he released a mix compilation for Tresor Records Berlin called „Scion – arrange and processed basic channel tracks“. discogs.com/artist/973-Vainqueur