16.09.2018, 00:00

Golden Pudel Club - Live: F#X (999USD/V I S)

Mehr dazu Known as Kris to his pals, and as both C (with Nika Son), and Black Sites (with Helena Hauff) on discographies, F#X is his solo vehicle for hot-wired, raw and off-kilter electronic grooves, previously found on two tapes sparring with his other alias, E.K.G on his private imprint, 999USD.

‘9.12+4’ is effectively the first F#X release proper and a strong example of his mostly improvised praxis. Over the course of an hour long set, brittle electro drums fray and spray over hypnotic, gibbering synths and plasmic drones, spooling into piquant, chromatic Braindance melodies and sputtering IDM that sounds like a raw echo of the D’Arcangelo brothers’ productions or indeed, a not-so distant relation to Helena Hauff’s scuzzy rinsers. (boomkat.com)