14.09.2018, 23:00

Golden Pudel Club - IGUN! at PUDEL w/ Kassem Mosse

Hello People, I.G.U.N.! here

Es ist wieder soweit. Ravers! Come out and play! Diesmal im Pudel mit unserem hochgeschätzten Gast aus Leipzig: Kassem Mosse! Wir freuen uns sehr.

It´s that time again! Ravers! Come out and play! This time with our highly esteemed special guest from Leipzig: Kassem Mosse! You bet, we´re looking foward to this!

Kassem Mosse (Workshop, Ominira, Mikrodisko )
In 2007 Kassem Mosse’s first release appeared via the label Mikrodisko (which is also a queer party collective he belongs to). His signature style of dusty, smothered, foggy productions were a sound most people definitely did not expect at the time. Seeing Mosse’s discography is impressive and the more part consists of respected labels he is closely affiliated with. In 2014 Workshop presented his praised debut album “Workshop 19”, and since then Mosse has released two more full-length albums: 2016’s “Disclosure” via Honest Jon’s and “Chilazon Gaiden” on his own Ominira imprint in late 2017. Each album has clear roots in its predecessor, yet the sonic image has been continually stripped bare, revealing a wilder, more raw sound.

Perhaps not known to all is that Kassem Mosse is as much of a well-seasoned DJ as a producer. His style lies somewhere on the sharp edge between house and techno: Jackin’ beats, Acid and Dance Mania-style trax interlaced with more abstract choices all fits in here. He is as selective buying records as he is playing them, focusing on quality rather than just filling up empty space.

Mosse also collaborates with various artists in the studio as well as on stage. Together with Mix Mup he forms the duo MM/KM - a project bringing thoughts to improvised jazz and jamming sessions. Dillon Wendel is another, consisting of experimental UK artist Beatrice Dillon and Kassem himself. Furthermore he also composes sound work for visual artists, such as German Hito Steyerl for whom he has created performance- and video scores.