Hamburg Elbe

Secret Paradiso proudly presents the \"Summer Peak 2024\" – an exclusive event on a boat and in a venue, showcasing the finest electronic beats against the stunning backdrop of Hamburg\'s harbor. Boat ticket limited to just 60 dancers and the ticket includes free entry to 2nd event in venue at Golden Pudel Club.

Join us another time on the maritime party-adventure as we embark on a 4-hour journey, with one stop after two hours along the way to board and disembark the boat. Music by Panamae.x and Lennault. We celebrate the peak of summer with a curated selection of house, disco, power house and italo disco. As the sun sets, we are creating an enchanting atmosphere on the Elbe River before heading to the beloved Golden Pudel Club. Don\'t miss your chance to be part of the limited number of attendees aboard the boat. Get ready to dance. Secure your spot now.


Lennault (Secret Paradiso, Hamburg)

Panamæ.x (Secret Paradiso, Hamburg)

18h - 22h
Landungsbrücke 7 – Departure 18h

Tickets (40€) via eventbrite, includes free entry to Golden Pudel Club

» INCL. 2ND EVENT AT GOLDEN PUDEL – 19.07.2024, 22h

With the purchase of the ticket for the boat party you will have free entry to the venue-event at Golden Pudel w/ Charmaine (Rotterdam) and Dionne (Smallpeople)

Good Vibes. Good Dancing. Come As You Are.

+++ Tickets available on Eventbrite +++

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