29.10.2021, 23:55

Yoko - LUSTHUS (queer)

Välkommen to the house of joy
LUSTHUS is a s-positive space for the LGBTQI+ community and those who are familiar with it.
We create a safe space in which you can do what ever you want to do.

- U.R.TRAX (Kaos Records) PARIS

- LENARD KLEIN (Kinky Sundays)


- ROMANO VAN DE MAS (Lusthus / Kur / Pal)

DRESSCODE: Kinky, Black, Nylon, Leather, Naked Skin, Chains &co

Consent is the key.
"No" means "No"." Maybe" means "No". Consent is at the core of respect, well-being and safety. We are all about consent in every possible way. Be respectful at all times.
Always ask for permission
Phobic attitudes towards identity, race, gender, orientation or body types will not be tolerated.
should you feel uncomfortable, please contact our awareness team.
We are looking forward to see you