16.07.2016, 21:00

Westwerk. - Golden Pudel präsentiert: Live: Anklepants


Pelle Buys

Anklepants. The Ubergrundé hitman, Dr Reecard Farché

You are cordially invited to meet the first of many faces of Dr. Reecard Farché, the devious mastermind and shapeshifting convict bred deep in the darkwood of the Australian bush that later absconded to Rise to the Summit of the übergründé.

Born in 2008 but producing music in many forms for over a decade beforehand, Anklepants has steadily released over 20 singles, EPs and full-length albums on his own Qwerty Records imprint, with more recent releases on Love Love Records and Detroit Underground. Actively performing all over Europe over the past five years in support of diverse artists such as Christian Fennesz, Dopplereffekt, Luke Vibert, and Lory D, his distinctive face rose to fame through his notorious Boiler Room set alongside Otto von Schirach, Anstam, Candie Hank and NHK’Koyxen this past June 2014 in Berlin.

Anklepants combines a vast array of hardware and instruments including synths, guitar, oud, voice, animal / any sounds, and field recordings. Live he comes armed with self-built electronic instruments such as his Facé_control 2 microphone (a wireless physical computing delight) and a colourful sensor laden wardrobe. Distorted mutated vocals, disassembled musical blurbs, glitches reflecting diverse influences - there is something restlessly changing in his music, at times generating a semblance of light and easy party superficiality, while at others looping into weirder multilayered territory through performances that more often than not leave audiences bewildered.

One of the rare artists that actively takes connecting with his audience to heart, Anklepants can often be seen hustling around the dancefloor with his facé_control_2 cordless mic. Such seeming madness in fact hints at the various political underpinnings of his musical mutations: “A lot of the underground music is marketed in the exact same way as the mainstream music now. Which I know is obvious, but I think it’s very important for people to realise that. People use the term ‘underground’ or ‘experimental,’ but most of the time it’s really just not. I don’t know if it comes out in my music.” (interview with electronicbeats.de)

Anklepants is an electronic music creature that represents only one of Reecard Farché’s infinite personalities. With no face for one genre, expect Farché to morph into ever-new combinations of characters and music, creating an entire universe of musical personalities over time.