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Waagenbau - Torsten Kanzler, Salvo Salvatore, DAF, Adam Phangan & many more

Flyer für: Waagenbau - Torsten Kanzler, Salvo Salvatore, DAF, Adam Phangan & many more
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5 Senses Thailand has been bridging the gap between Europe and Thailand for the last 4 years. Introducing Underground house music acts to the scene in Asia, and helping to grow the industry, in particular on the party Island of Koh Phangan. The team has managed over 500 events between them on the Island, and also events in Berlin, San Francisco and in 2019 in Hamburg, Cologne, Warsaw and more!


°°The Story Tellers:


- TK Records

[ https://www.facebook.com/TorstenKanzler/ ]
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Bio: Torsten Kanzler stands for impulsive and powerful techno. Like a chief engineer, he operates his set and takes the crowd into a universe of mind-blowing drum-arrangements, creaking synths and warm growling basslines, using „Maschine“ of Native Instrument, two Allen & Heath Xone K2, and an iPad. His direct interaction combined with a spontaneous set with up to four decks spinning make his sets a true happening.
His gigs in all the high places around the globe stand for powerful and profound techno as well as his numerous productions, which make their way into well-known international acts' record bags. Numerous releases on in-demand labels or his own with passion run imprint TKR stand on their own and reflect his obsession and love for techno. Whether as a DJ, producer, or remixer Torsten Kanzler lives techno.


[ https://www.facebook.com/RobertEgenolf/ ]
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Bio: Robert Egenolf's Techno is a mixture of warm, pushing and high dynamic elements with soul and sensitivity. His productions are influenced by the old Techno from Detroit, Frankfurt and Berlin.

His latest gigs at Tresor and other well known clubs in Berlin inspired him to develop his own unique and dark style. With passion, he creates entire stories consisting synthesizers, organic fx-sounds, precise drum arrangements and a deep bass line.

His sets symbolize these characteristics. They are contrasty journeys with a small amount of acidic nuances which eventually take off, accelerate and take you through the cold night. One has to experience a trip with Robert Egenolf - one which won't be easily forgotten.


- Klangkost
- 5 Senses Official

[ https://www.facebook.com/DJSalvoSalvatore/ ]
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Passionierter DJ & Geschäftsführer
der Klangkost mit Leidenschaft für DeepTech House und Downtempo. Referenz: Sisyphos, Ritter Butzke, Chalier, Kosmonaut

°°DAVIDE°° Hamburg, DE

- Jeudi Records
[ https://www.facebook.com/davide.jeudi.rec/ ]
[ ]

°°HABITAT°° Hamburg, DE
[ https://www.facebook.com/Habitat-DJProducer-485264658292179/ ]
[ ]

°°ADAM PHANGAN°° Koh Phangan, UK

- 5 Senses Co-Founder

[ https://www.facebook.com/DrPAdamPunyer/ ]
[ https://www.mixcloud.com/adampunyero/ ]

°°SENSE OF SUN°° Berlin, DE

- 5 Senses Official
- Bar 25

[ https://www.facebook.com/senseofsunofficial/ ]
[ ]

°°MAM°° Berlin, DE

- 5 Senses Co-Founder
- Berliner Burschen

[ https://m.facebook.com/mam5senses/ ]
[ ]

°°HAIDAK°° Washington, USA

- 5 Senses
- Click Records

[ https://m.facebook.com/Haidakmusic/ ]
[ https://m. ]


- 5 Senses Official



1. RESPECT the people around you and their personal space on the dance floor and the NATURE of course! If you have the feeling that someone is violating your space, or someone else’s, please do not hesitate to alert our staff.

2. ENJOY the moment! We believe, that everybody has the right to party in private. So please be aware of others privacy when using cameras.

3. 5 Senses is an equal festival. Any form of racism, sexism or homophobia will not be tolerated!

4. BE social, pleasant, respectful and treat everybody like you want to be treated. Share the love.

5. DRESS TO DANCE in whatever you want. The more experimental the better.

6. HYDRATE at all times. Its the tropics, you will sweat.