26.10.2014, 19:00

Uebel und Gefährlich - ::: Pupkulies & Rebecca feat. Tibau LIVE :::

Flyer für: Uebel und Gefährlich - ::: Pupkulies & Rebecca feat. Tibau LIVE :::
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Pupkulies & Rebecca feat. Tibau (Acker Rec | Wolf + Lamb Rec)
Support: Parasite Single

Einlass: 19:00
Beginn: 20:00

Tickets: http://tiny.cc/g09cnx

When different kinds of music and people set out on a quest from different places, their paths often cross in Berlin.

Janosch, a biographical globetrotter (born in Cameroon, childhood on the Cape Verde Islands, …), is caught by Rebecca in Würzburg, and the two become more than just a musical couple. In 2001, an odyssey brings them to Berlin, where they settle down to study. While studying electrical engineering, Janosch meets Sepp, an iconic figure in Berlin. Although all of them are already musically active, it is still a long way until their unification.


While the dancing vocal talent mainly entertains her very grateful immediate environment and herself with her voice, the boys have already spent several years with the production of albums in various projects.

After first steps in hip hop, Janosch discovers the fascinating beauty of minimal house beats in Berlin, and―together with his good friend―immediately transforms them into the “Strassmann” project.

Sepp is firmly rooted in Berlin’s indie scene with its aesthetic sound, orbiting around labels like Sinnbus. His erstwhile greatest passion is the former project Siva; he records a number of albums with them, amongst others with very talented pianist and producer Nils Frahm.

Over time, Rebecca also accumulates first experiences on stage and in the studio, especially as a guest vocalist in hip hop and jazz projects. Ultimately, Rebecca and Janosch find their way to their musical future in a playful manner that is reflected in their songs to this day. Driven by fun, they start recording first songs and then, within a very short time, the album “The Way We”―in their living room!

This album still counts an equal number of instrumental and vocal tracks, for which label Normoton offers them a publication platform. Soon after that, the first concerts follow and delight not only the two of them.


The production phase of their second album “Beyond the Cage” is in full swing when multi-instrumentalist Sepp comes on stage and expands the sound of Pupkulies & Rebecca with acoustic soundscapes. Since the album “Burning Boats”, he has become indispensable on stage: the trio is complete!

Their gigs are spread as broadly as their musical influences: from small cult clubs to large concert stages and catwalk shows, their pulsating electronic chansons enchant every connoisseur of good music.

In 2010, Parisian duo Masomenos publishes a remix of “Burning Boats”, and New York label Wolf + Lamb presents a remix of “Hold It Tight”, which makes Pupkulies & Rebecca known among a wider audience. Especially abroad, their popularity increases (above all in Italy).

Meanwhile, Pupkulies & Rebecca crisscross the European festival and club scene. Their special love goes out to the Fusion Festival, which is held annually in Lärz, north of Berlin. On two different stages and for four consecutive years, the trio celebrates their version of electronic dance music: Sepp on synthesizers, Janosch with digital beats, and a dancing Rebecca with her microphone.

In the meantime, Rebecca and Janosch have moved back to Würzburg in the South of Germany, where Janosch was working as an room acoustic engineer until recently. Together, they are raising their daughter.

Besides the many personal and professional activities, the three are still engaged in a continuous creative process. This lead to the current album, “Looking For The Sea”, which was recorded somewhere between Berlin, Würzburg and a mountain village in Southern France. In 2013, they take the next logical step to professionalize and focus all their creativity on music. Part of this development is the current project, “Cape Verde”, which will be documented on film on the Cape Verde Islands.

Text: Ingvar Thiem, Translation: Stefanie Sendelbach