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Uebel und Gefährlich - David August mit Leon Vynehall & Momo

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So 15.05.2016 - Uebel & Gefährlich


Am 15 Mai kuratiert David August eine Clubnacht im Uebel und Gefährlich - Seine Gäste sind Leon Vynehall und Momo.

Nach einiger Abwesenheit und Ausflügen ist David August wieder in der Hansestadt mit einem DJ Set zu Gast. Nachdem er sich mit seinem Debüt auf DIYNAMIC MUSIC vor 4 Jahren zum Wunderkind katapultiert hat, hat er der Fokus mit seinem 2013 erschienenen Album 'Times' auf Dimensionen über den Clubkontext hinaus gelegt. 2014 wurde er von Resident Advisor in den Top 5 Live Acts gewählt. Nachdem er Konzerte mit dem Deutsches Symphonie Orchester und seinem Bandprojekt David August & Ensemble gespielt hat, kehrt er wieder in den Clubkontext zurück.


A pianist since the age of 5, now 25 years old, David August is most likely the only artist to both skillfully master classic pieces at the piano and to have delivered one of the most discussed and critically acclaimed sets for Berlin’s edgy underground party series, the Boiler Room. Gravitating towards both, the classical and electronic side, August manages to navigate an unusually vast spectrum of music.

The last few years have moved at an incredibly rapid pace for August. At just 20, he made his debut release on Hamburg’s hugely influential Diynamic label with his Instant Harmony EP. Several more EPs followed, which included break out tracks such as Hamburg Is For Lovers (2011), heralding August’s arrival as clubland’s wunderkind.

It was with his 2013 conceptual debut album Times that August gave us a deeper glimpse into his artistry. Times saw August move beyond the dance-floor, creating an album focused heavily on live instrumentation and the use of his own vocals. During the year long-recording process of Times, August made the decision to quit DJing and only play live. It was a decision quickly validated – in 2014 he was named as one of Resident Advisor’s top 5 live acts in the world, only to be repeated in 2015.

Since the release of Times and the switch to performing live, August’s schedule has exponentially filled, taking him to all continents, and seeing him play the world’s leading venues. Conversely, August has still found time to continue his rigorous Tonmeister studies at University of the Arts Berlin, blending technical innovation with further classical training, while also making his debut for Dixon’s Innervisions label, with one of 2014’s most acclaimed EP, Epikur. Epikur, combined with a string of successful remixes in 2014, led Billboard Magazine to proclaim August as “one of house music’s brightest hopes”.

After a string of sold out shows with his live band in 2015 (Melkweg Amsterdam, Volksbühne Berlin etc.) – 2016 will witness further evolution in August’s production and performances; three sold-out concerts playing his composition “X – Poème Symphonique” alongside Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, the release of a new EP titled “J.B.Y. / Ouvert” on the Ninja Tune Imprint Counter Records in London and a number of Festivals (Sonar, Dockville, Pitch to name a few) as well as a step back in the DJ booth with a number of curated events across Europe, all indicate that we’ve barely scratched the surface of one of electronic music’s most engaging artists.



Leon Vynehall has already proved himself to be that rare thing – an artist with his own agenda rather than a producer aping the sound of the day. To date his off kilter sounds have come in the form of EPs on labels like 3024, Rush Hour and Running Back, and have been carefully crafted things, layered with musicality whilst never straying too far from a infectious groove.

Taking obvious foundations from house, techno, disco, funk, hip-hop and soul, Vynehall’s music incorporates many elements from his musical past too: his journey began with playing drums and the piano in bands as a teenager - which manifests itself in the raw, live sound he strives for in his productions - while much of his spare time is spent listening to anything from classical and orchestral compositions to post-punk. His work has seen him dabble in tempos, palettes and styles, but all the time managing to keep his songs coherently ‘Vynehall’.

“I like chords, I like atmosphere and some sort of emotion in music. Rather than it being just about the dance floor, I like it being a bit of both. I like to take a sound and change it, manipulating things so they sound a bit dusty. With drums, I like to make them sound more human. I prefer dance music that isn’t quantized, regimented, and super mixed down to the nano-perfect spot. I’m a believer in the fact that music doesn’t have to sound professional to sound great. Mastering engineers hate me.”

His 2014 release, ‘Music For The Uninvited’, was a turning point in his career. Resident Advisor scored the EP a 4.5 out of five, calling it "one of the most eclectic and rewarding house records you'll hear all year". Clash wrote that, "If this is what being uninvited is like, we’re totally cool with missing the party", while The Washington Post said that it "couldn’t be much more of a delight”. It went on to gain end of year accolades from publications as wide ranging as Pitchfork, NPR and Gorilla vs. Bear, and saw Vynehall begin a relentless touring schedule that has taken him from Berlin’s Panorama Bar and Ibiza’s DC-10 to festival stages as far afield as Los Angeles, Sydney and Tokyo. His DJ style is eclectic, considered and always surprising, and has been expertly reflected in his popular mixes for the likes of FACT and XLR8R, with the latter commenting that his contribution to their podcast series “quite possibly raised more questions than it answered”.

Something of a media recluse, all we really know about Leon Vynehall is from his music – so far it’s proved a fascinating story.



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