18.10.2020, 19:00

Uebel und Gefährlich - Christian Löffler LIVE - Hamburg

Flyer für: Uebel und Gefährlich - Christian Löffler LIVE - Hamburg
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Christian Löffler has secured a unique position for himself in the electronic music scene by conjuring the forces of nature in his melodic strain of techno and immersive live performances. The German producer will grace the stage, bringing all the calmness and luminance of his newest album, Lys to life in a shimmering audio-visual show.

Lys, envelops audiences in a world of light – one of nature’s primordial forces. While recording in his home studio, a woodland refuge in Northern Germany, Löffler observed how the light would trickle in between the leaves from the trees just outside, marking the passing of time and seasons, casting shadows on his instruments and paintings, giving colour to his world. Mesmerized by the subtle power of this process, he found himself communicating his feelings into music.

Sound and visuals will be in a dynamic dialogue on stage through a specially commissioned performance by Canadian lighting designer, Chris Moylan. Löffler’s warm and euphoric sound combined with Moylan’s glowing stage design give shape and form to the otherwise elusive essence of light.