05.06.2015, 23:55

Uebel und Gefährlich - ::: eatthebeat meets lehult :::

Flyer für: Uebel und Gefährlich - ::: eatthebeat meets lehult :::
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Am 05 Juni trifft das frische Hamburger House Label Lehult im Uebel und Gefährlich auf die Eat The beat und ILL Crew!

Nach dem Motto - Zusammen ist man weniger allein - werden sich die Crews den Abend über in Back2Back Sessions die Platten um die Ohren hauen - Vinyl Warz:

LUCKY CHARMZ (le) vs Momo (eat)
DJ ASSAM (hu) vs MVDL (the)
JOHAN KASETA (lt) vs KIMO (beat)

Wie Fresh das neue House Label der Stadt ist, hat whatpeopleplay.com vortrefflich auf den Punkt gebracht:
"The Lehult crew can doubtlessly be described as fresh blood in Hamburg’s musical veins and has just delivered their 2nd injection. After “Follow Me To Flottbek Falls” by Lucky Charmz released in autumn 2014 it’s time for “Let’s Get Playa” and the introduction of another round of new promising faces to the realms of house music. Liem, Eddie Ness and Johan Kaseta did this collabo ep with interchanging duets that deliver three strongly pleasant, fancy-feisty analogue dance tunes by covering a widespread bunch of influences and although appear completely rounded. All titles carry a somehow frisky jam sessions feel within and flow along between Chicago summertime house with a positively vibing uplift, modern discoish deep house with that certain Scandinavian approach to melodic trippiness and relaxed jazzy Detroit-touched deepness with a decent balearic feel. Fresh ‘n’ lovely!"

Lehult - https://www.facebook.com/Lehult?fref=ts
eatthebeat - www.eatthebeat.org