14.11.2015, 23:55


Flyer für: Turtur - DRIFTERS
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"We wanna go somewhere else.
All our insecurities have evaporated.
We're in the clouds now - We're wide open.
We're spacemen orbiting the earth.
The world looks beautiful from here, man.
We're nympholeptics, desiring for the unobtainable.
We risk sanity for moments of temporary enlightenment.
So many ideas, so little memory.
We flow in unison, We're together."

A universal level of togetherness...in rythm...


- David Lenk // Universum

- DJ FiPS // 206, Standpauke

- Locke // 39ers

- FARA & FU // 39ers

Eintritt: 'n Fünfen
Wir freuen uns auf euch, eure love crew 39ers