30.09.2017, 21:00

Superspace Highball Bar & Club - Atmo × Superspace // 30.09.

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Enjoy amazing moments with people that want to celebrate life & positive vibes with you. Life offers us so many wonderful opportunities - let’s celebrate them together!

30. September, the day to remember
Superspace’ steel doors open at 21h. The perfect time to start legendary Beer-Pong-sessions with homies, celebrate at the charming backyard or relax on the terrace to the streets. Meanwhile the bar serves you with drinks of your choice and great music.
At 23h we move over to the inner 3 floors, additional open the 2. bar and totally turn up the Dance-Area! Awesome moments of Atmo will follow you through the night - the cozy Rooftop also gives you the opportunity to relax and have nice talks.

::: Dresscode :::
we don’t care how you look, just enjoy life.

::: Start :::
Sa, 30.09. doors open at 21h 18 years 7€ evening box Free entrance: www.atmo-lifestyle.de/competition/

::: Deals :::
Carlsberg & 7 other beers from 3€
Free Atmo wristband
Vodka-Red-Bull & Beerpong-Deal
Garderobe 1€

::: the location :::
Superspace Highball Bar & Club - 450m from U Feldstraße
Backyard, Beerpong, Club-Lounge, Chill-Area, terrace, rooftop, 2 bars

::: Specials :::
Bday: Samu; farewell celebration: Pepi, Jules

::: Music / Turn-Up :::
Dj Da Wizard

Atmo stands for connection with people, engagement to the positive and freedom of mind. Goal of each Atmo Event is to create moments & feelings like these.
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