28.08.2018, 23:59

Pooca Bar - Electronic Tuesday w/ Philipp Staab

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POOCA proudly presents:

Electronic Tuesday

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Philipp Staab

(Louder than Famous, Spieltrieb Recordings, Bedroom Records, Colore, Wasabi Recordings)


Grown up in Frankfurt am Main, Philipp`s life was always about music only. 2006 he started to turn the first vinyls on stage and already in 2008 the music scene started to recognize his talent by involving him to several gigs and events, such as "the sunday afterhours" at Gambrinus Trainstation near Frankfurt.
Events and parties, such as Tanzhauswest, Orange Peel, the Techno Boat-Party season on the Main river and many more were following. Since 2011 Philipp has left Frankfurt and moved to Hamburg. This gave him an additional lift and regular performances in Clubs such as Kurhotel, Grünspan and Baalsaal as well as many open airs and secret location parties. Philipp Staab belongs to the Vinyl-dedicated DJs and is rockin electronic clubs of every size eversince.
In october 2012 Philipp started to enter foreign countries in Soutch East Europe.
In 2015 Philipp was getting in touch with the guys around "Young Broke & Talented" an artist collective of young producers and djs from Hamburg until he became a part of it.

Besides playing vinyl sets, Philipp is now focusing on his live act development - the concept - just analog hardware, without a computer or presets.

so stay tuned :)

Bookings can be made via:
Philipp Staab +49 151 4192 44 27 - Email: philipp.staab@hotmail.de

OPEN DOORS: 23:59 pm
free entrance