23.11.2019, 23:59

PAL - Action Super Show: Partiboi69

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ROOM II Action Super Show
Partiboi69 (Unprotected Records /Melbourne)

aitch (PAL, Action Replay Codes, Edge Detection)

DJ Memory Card (Action Replay Codes)

DJ Max Power (Action Replay Codes)

For this brand new, intergalactic issue of Action Super Show, we’ve decided to invite infamous horse enthusiast Partiboi69. A true 21st century renaissance man, the guy not only excels as a parti popping mixer of Ghetto, Electro and Ghetto Tech, but also impresses as a rapper, breakdancer and youtube sensation.

"This man is the past and the future at the same time, but he's a present for us" – random guy on youtube

Listen to Bassiani Hector Oaks Zesknel - live Faerber At.Avem
Vinyl purist and two-stepper legend Hector Oaks is making another visit and this time he brought Zesknel as reinforcement.
These two Bassiani residents don't mess around, so listen to Bassiani.

All in for the club night!


Action Replay Codes

Artwork by gogo tattoo

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