09.11.2019, 23:00

Nachtasyl - Sandy B (Live) // 9.11. Nachtasyl

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In the early 90s, South African underground star Sandy B released Amajovi Jovi, a six-track education on Kwaito – the genre that was soundtracking a new era for South Africans at the end of the century.

Combining house, hip-hop, and traditional SA sounds, Kwaito made a space for resistance, and most importantly for movement. Irresistible, deep, soulful bass-lines guided a nation to the dancefloor. Almost 30 years later, Sandy B is back to do the same thing again.
Having dipped his toe into house and reggae since Amajovi Jovi, including an album entitled This Is Not Kwaito, the elusive king of Kwaito is back with a return to his roots in the form of Qhum Qhaks, his second kwaito album. He produced this album together with Simoné Aha from Denmark under the label Vumbuka Records which they both founded together.

Do not miss the show in Hamburg!

09.11.2019 - 10pm - Nachtasyl Hamburg


Sandy B (live)

Simone Ahà (Vumbuka Records)

Martin Moritz (Kala Kuta)

Pronto & Birdman (Headshell)

Tickets only at the door (8 €)