13.06.2019, 20:00

MS Stubnitz - Outernational Friend:Ship with PRAED + Spiritczualic EC (LIVE)

Flyer für: MS Stubnitz - Outernational Friend:Ship with PRAED + Spiritczualic EC (LIVE)
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The Outernational Friend:Ship presents

Praed (Lebanon/Suisse)

Spiritczualic Enhancement Center

SebCat (Rebel Up!/BEL)


Alexa D!saster



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Founded by Raed Yassin and Paed Conca in 2006, “Praed” is a band whose musical oeuvre can be described as a mixture of Arabic popular music, free jazz, and electronics.
In the same year, the band made its first public appearance in Al Maslakh festival in Switzerland, immediately followed by a concert at the Irtijal festival in Beirut. Since then, the band has frequented
numerous international music festivals and toured intensively world-wide, spanning Japan, Europe and Canada. Through these endeavors, the band has created a large global network with other renowned musicians as musical collaborators.

The band consists of two regular members: Raed Yassin playing keyboards, laptop, electronics and vocals; and Paed Conca on clarinet, electric bass and electronics.

The band’s body of work mainly explores the terrain of Arabic popular music (“Shaabi”) and its interconnectedness with other psychedelic and hypnotic musical genres in the world, such as free jazz, space jazz, and psychedelic rock among others.
Since its inception, Praed has shown a very keen interest in this music as a medium that reflects Egyptian society’s complicated fabric. Through the research it conducted, the band began to discover a strong cultural connection between “Shaabi” sounds and the “Mouled” music is played in religious trance ceremonies. The hypnotizing psychedelic effect that was embedded in this genre also triggered thoughts around its similarity to other popular music in the world that employ forms of sonic delirium, such as free jazz and psychedelic rock.


Spiritczualic Enhancement Center
Like an infinite circle whose center is everywhere and circumference is nowhere, the Spiritczualic Enhancement Center is an outer-national musical caravan, meandering in a world of free-beat. Their eclectic ingredients create an alchemical soup ranging from jazz-infused atavistic-futurism to frequency meditation. Featuring original artworks exploring the realms of syncretism, environments are brought to life via live-drawing projections and spaces transformed into temples of spontaneity. Creating soundscapes that glimpse into synchronistic magic, the bizarre participants of this ensemble remain agnostic: are they magicians, or merely tricksters?

Spiritczualic Enhancement Center was founded on Christmas 2017, by secretly transforming the backroom of an abandoned Ottoman building adjacent to the Old City of Jerusalem into a temporary musical space.
Within the two weeks of its existence, the Center morphed into an ever-evolving and collaborative idea. Like a caravan which collects participants as it travels, a growing group of ‘outernational’ musicians are being magnetized. Carrying the Spiritczualic Enhancement Center within themselves, they gather on occasion for recording and performing. Free beat.


SebCat is dj, radio-host and co-founder of Rebel Up! Records based in Brussels, Belgium. Rebel Up! was started in 2007 as a DJ collective of traditional, urban and electronic music from all over the world. With concert & party nights in Amsterdam (Netherlands) & Brussels (Belgium), the aim of Rebel Up! is to spread sounds from the global underground, cultural youth movements, social or political music styles or the sound of the global outcasts anywhere possible. In 2018 the Rebel Up! Records label was created as an outernational platform for digital and vinyl releases of contemporary global sounds artists.


Alexa D!saster is a DJ, musician and crossover artist based in Berlin. Her music collection is based on underground-dance-music and unheard rarities.


Berlin-based Dokia is a DJ and music journalist born in Romania. She writes for The Attic and is part of the Outernational Days Crew in Bucharest.