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MOIRÉ - Kann denn Liebe Synthie sein? DJ´s Curses Katja Ruge

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MOIRÉ Kann denn Liebe Synthie sein
Curses (Dischi Autunno/Ombra International/Berlin)

Katja Ruge (Kann denn Liebe Synthie sein?)


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Sonnabend 16. März 2019 24.00Uhr
MOIRÉ Karolinenstrasse 45 20357 Hamburg

Curses is the dark and romantic moniker from New York City native, Luca Venezia. Always blending the line between Electronic music and his Rock & Roll roots, Curses sounds like something from an illegal galactic warehouse party with flashes
of '80s Italo-disco and New Wave. Currently based in Berlin, Curses' DJ sets and productions are anchored in the deeper side of things, incorporating his signature ghostly vocals and guitar. File his latest Album „Romantic Fiction“ under Sexwave. Guest singers are non other than Perel and Jennifer Cardini.
Releasing selectively on well respected underground labels such as Bordello A Parigi, Throne Of Blood, Ombra INTL, Relish, he also runs a Rinse France monthly radio residency showcasing artists who share a love for mixing wave and weird disco.