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Karoline 45 - FR 04.10.2013 ∆ TIMO MAAS (Rockets and Ponies / Cocoon Rec.) ∆

FR 04.10.2013 .::. cet 23 H .::.

TIMO MAAS ( Rockets and Ponies / Cocoon Rec.)
PHLY (s-e-n)

2013 has been a vintage year for Timo Maas Official Page so far. He released his long awaited new artist album *Lifer, featuring Mikill Pane, Placebo’s Brian Molko, U.N.K.L.E’s James Lavelle, Katie Cruel and more. He has also
celebrated his 10 years as a resident at DC10 in Ibiza, welcome new artists to his Rockets & Ponies imprint, helped Cocoon commemorate their 100th release and continued to reinforce his reputation as one of German electronic music’s most colourful characters.

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