27.11.2021, 23:00

Juice Club - CyberBay Night Hamburg Darkpsy Hi-tech Psycore

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We are happy to hit Hamburg for the 1st time!!! Are u ready for the CyberBay Night in Hamburg???!!! As some of u know, this year CyberBay records celebrating 5 Years Anniversary!!! And we are happy to celebrate with u in Hamburg !!! This event is limited, to save your place PM!!!
Like always Forest / Darkpsy / Hi-tech / Psycore only!!!

Walhalla project - Live

Fractalia - Live

Neuro Technicians - Live

Rakasa - Live


Deco by Christian Grille ad the Crew

This is an event based on the 2G access model.
Only guests who have a Corona vaccination certificate or a recovery certificate are admitted. This must be shown before entering in connection with a photo ID. The vaccination certificate is possible and valid in digital form or with the vaccination certificate.
Since we are also obliged to record your contact details, we recommend using the free Luca app for admission.
You can find the download for all mobile phones here:
Of course, you can also enter by submitting your data in a contact form. However, the documentation and testing takes a little longer at the door.
Otherwise, the general hygiene requirements apply to the event, a mask is not required.
Can't wait to see u on the dancefloor!!!