24.05.2020, 19:00

Internet - United We Stream | Live from Jonny Knüppel

-United we Stream x Jonny Knüppel x diskoBabel e.V.-

-------Virtual Knüppel
-------United we dream
-------of making Qontact
-------through the internet
------since we are locked down
in an ever anticipated insular being
-----loosing our very self
-----------the Other.
-----------First hand.
----------Second hand.
-----------Any hand.
------------No hands.
------------No faces.
------------Any name.

------------A LINE UP
-----1900 - 2000 Mo et Moi (Live)
--2000 - 2100 Sabrina Mue & Delia Plangg
2100 - 2200 Martin Saupe & VEB Elektrokunst
-------2200 - 2300 Ixindamix (Live)
--2300 - 2400 Turtur & Christian Kuhlmann
--------omnia pro omnes.

#UnitedWeStream is an initiative by the Berlin Clubcommission and the campaign platform Reclaim Club Culture. We are grateful to have won the renowned TV channel arte concert, radio station radioeins and the Berlin label SUOL as cooperating partners for providing and maintaining the streaming technology. betterplace.org provides its platform for fundraising. Visitors to the site will be asked for a voluntarily donation and in return receive a “virtual club ticket”. The income from the streams goes to a fundraising fund for social hardship cases which can be used to support clubs and artists suffering from the coronavirus quarantine. For the distribution of these funds, the Clubcommission Berlin e.V. developed a catalog of criteria and has assigned an independent jury.

Support United We Stream now at:
https://uws.betterplace.org OR
https://bit.ly/uws-fundraiser-fb OR
https://unitedwestream.berlin/linktree/global-fundraisers and SAVE Club Culture!
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