13.09.2014, 19:00

Hamburger Botschaft - Druffalo Hit Squad @ Beta Lounge

Season Premiere 2014/15 of Beta Lounge, Hamburg, sees the Betamax Premiere of the Druffalo Hit Squad. This means that THE NEW BETA LOUNGE SEASON STARTS INTO THE NEW SEASON WITH THE ILL D.H.S. WHICH ACCORDING TO A RUMOUR WOULD ALSO MEAN THE RELOUNGE eehrrm RELAUNCH OF THE BETA LOUNGE WEBSITE.

To celebrate the reincarnation of D*ruffalo as www.druffalo.com, the D*ruffalo Hit Squad at long last returns to Hamburg with Disco stardust of the highest order.

This time the D.H.S. is represented by Finn Johannsen , Icasol, Scharc Maller and King Kummi.

They will wreck merciless supreme discorobotic havoc onto an unsuspecting crowd. And then some.


They drink, you dance.