16.03.2018, 23:58

Hafenklang - 1 Jahr DRUCK! /w Non Reversible

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DRUCK! wird 1 Jahr alt. Zur Feier des Tages haben wir uns als Gast Non-Reversible aus Berlin eingeladen.


:::::Non Reversible:::::
(Apotek Records, Knotweed Records, Lunar Limited)


(Dreckkummer, PAL)

:::::De.G-A B2B Joneart:::::


With an affinity for all things
music, Non-Reversible went on to attend the University of the Arts in Berlin. The allure of the vinyl and underground club culture sparked a keen interest in Electronic music production.

His creative journey led to a close relati-
onship with Jerome Sydenham and Apotek
Records. On this imprint, Non Reversible has honed in his skills for producing a specific and very special brand of deep hypnotic Techno. He recently joined the Knotweed Records family and developed his unique style further. By adding many rhythmic almost tribal-elements, as well as acid tones to his tracks, he delivered a subtle blend of old school and modern techno.
As Non Reversible continues to spread his creative wings, expect nothing less than powerful unapologetic Techno.

Rassismus, Sexismus, Homophobie haben bei uns keinen Platz!