04.11.2017, 23:00

Hafenklang - Druffaloma - Disco & Garage House Allnighter

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Goldener Salon Party
Druffaloma - Garage House Allnighter

Ten years ago six top old influencer soulboys founded D*ruffalo - the daily magazine for excess culture, in order to bring back fun for the good people and annoy everybody else. Fortunate for its many victims and unfortunate for its many fans the magazine has since vanished into the ether, but its party excecutive and DJ collective, The D*ruffalo Hit Squad, is still keepin' on stronger than ever.

Among several very special events in 2017 to commemorate the heavy legacy of D*ruffalo, the core ambassadors of their notorious and ever sold out Druffaloma residency at Paloma in Berlin, DJs Finn Johannsen, King Kummi and Icasol will bring their beautiful mess of obscure and anthemic Disco and Garage House gems (and a microphone) for an away game.

Expect wild abandon and sweetest harmony, true to their motto: We drink, you dance!