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Golem - Mauke pres. Deep88

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Mauke pres.

- Deep88 (12 Records / Italy)

Introducing Deep88 an artist on the music scene since 60s, when he first play bass guitar on old Byrds recording, then switch to bossa nova and polka, producing polka music for over 5 decades! Suddenly, 2 years ago, he discover house music after listen some hawtin and villalobos secret tapes. After that he went directly into house music, probably something written inside him since his childhood.

Now 65, he enjoy everything a normal 65yr old enjoys, such as bingo game, summer bowls, collecting his pension, drinking beer in the worst berlin cafe.

He born in Detroit, directly inside a car factory... early industrial sounds welcome him to life, and this for sure gave him his detroit-touch-a-style-a-lot that is clearly marked in his polka and recently in his house productions. At the age of 5, he decide to leave family looking for his destiny... take the first greyhound bus and went directly to Chicago.
Here worked for some times in some restaurants, due to the problem language (he was starting to speak at that time) so after he grew up a little bit more he decide to move to New York, the Big Apple!
Leaving again his life in search of his destiny bring him to meet Martin Bell, a strange guys that was travelling world with Dancing Bears crew... they meet in a toilette of the local where the Dancing Bears was giggin... the more common excuse to ask for a crack dose was the first contact... the guys understand their common love for polka and so finished that deep88 produced the first Polka album by Dancing Bears, one of the most high rated record value of the universe... last sell on discogs was quoted 359 dollar.

After his Usa experience, and at the age of 10, he moved to London. Life in London wasn't easy, and here he pass some real ugly moment... crack addiction and the miss of their native country bring him to some depression.
Finally one day after seeing an audition for a porn movie soundtrack he decide to get back to life and to show his skills to the world.
He went straight to the audition and won that... he was then back on studio producing a porno polka soundtrack, called "Porno Polka", recently sampled by Ennio Scaraffano for the worlwide hit single "Mon Amour", with the featuring of Anna Pannocchia, the famous italian singer.

And now it's all about house music.


- Colkin(Mauke)

- DCHM (Mauke)