11.03.2016, 23:59

Golem - Juniper (meandyou. / Smallville), RVDS, Philipp Cuasito

Flyer für: Golem - Juniper (meandyou. / Smallville), RVDS, Philipp Cuasito
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KRYPTA / 00:00 Uhr

Juniper (meandyou. / Smallville / Underground Quality)

RVDS (It's / Smallville / Laid)

Philipp Cuasito (W)

Dan is one half of Juniper and co-owner of the meandyou record label as well as resident dj at the meandyou events. He originates from rural north-east UK but has had his feet planted in the concrete of Manchester for the past decade. His long-time friend Reuben Holt grew up in New Zealand, but moved back to the UK some time ago which led to the pair collecting studio gear resulting in many nocturnal jam sessions, exploring sounds which ultimately resulted in the birth of their Juniper project.

The pair became members of Jus Ed’s UQ family with their debut record, the ‘Theories ep’, following up with records for the Smallville family, Kassem Mosse’s ‘Ominira’ imprint, UMHS, and sharing a V/A for their first meandyou record amongst others.

The meandyou collective consists of four other members including Sam Lewis aka Herron, Andrew Lyster, Alexander Taber and Joy Orbison, promoting parties in Manchester since 2009 and hosting a monthly radio show on NTS. The meandyou label is shortly entering its fourth release.