10.12.2016, 23:45

Golem - Cryptic w/ Capablanca, Undermind & Momo

Flyer für: Golem - Cryptic w/ Capablanca, Undermind & Momo
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Cryptic w/

Capablanca (C.P.I. / Discos Capablanca)

Undermind (Humboldthain)

Momo (ILL, Cryptic)

Capablanca is a charismatic and unorthodox DJ and producer.
His approach to music and playing records is that of an eternal dilettante with a playful yet conceptual attitude, often refusing to follow the beaten path and always finding DIY detours to unknown territories.

Hugo Capablanca started his music career as resident Dj of legendary Berlin club Rio, being a key figure in the Berlin Not Minimal scene of the past six years and building an influential network bridge between Berlin and New York, after discovering the then emerging disco/house scene with Willy Burns, Morelli, Lee Douglas, Lovefingers...

In 2008 starts the label Discos Capablanca releasing artists like Grackle(Burns), and the Mutant Beat Dance (TRAXX & Beau Wanzer with Eric D. Clark) using the label as a curatorial effort releasing other people's productions rather than his own.

Since then Capablanca has developed a very peculiar sound (often melting psychedelic, disco and rawer influences) which can be easily recognized in his own productions, remixes and collaborations for labels like Cómeme, Correspondant, Astrolab, Gomma and Discoteca Océano.

In 2013 Capablanca becomes resident DJ at Salon Zur Wilden Renate in Berlin (Paradisco parties) and Disco Not Disco in Rio de Janeiro.
(resident advisor)