25.12.2013, 22:00

Fundbureau - plastik! b-day w/ unk & dubit

vorglühen mit glühwein ab 22 uhr in halle 1

und an den reglern ab 00.00:

james unk | monocline | | rennes

dubit *live* | several reasons recordings | | berlin

felix lorusso | plastik!

florian belmondo | plastik!

visuals by ben | plastik!

eintritt | 8euro

nicht eingeladen sind rassisten, faschisten und sexisten!!!


Biography of Dubit:

Born from the meeting between the sound design, the techno and IDM, the project Dubit ranges from Experimental
Techno to Industrial and intends to preserve the groove as a stimulus to the movement by creating melody with dynamic
percussion, clicks and glitch influences.
The intent is to tell a story upsetting the canons with atypical changes but direct. The creation of the sound has no limits:
from hardware to software,from analog to environment recordings. Potentially all the elements that we use in life are
instruments for our music.
Always involved in new collaborations and types of live performance act, founder of Several Reasons Recordings
[www.severalreasons.net] and Soluxion Records [www.soluxionrecords.net] he lives in Berlin and is active playing in
Europe and not only.
Expert of sound engineering, psychoacoustics, logic and post production, he founded Soluxion Lab
[www.soluxionlab.wordpress.com] with another great Italian artist, Alhek, a project based in Berlin and in growth and in
expansion. Those are a few of our skills: mastering, sound engineering and others project typologies connected to
technologies applied to therapy and communication.
The extreme experimental and IDM is entrusted to new pseudonyms whose name is not revealed. It is left to chance their

Concept: Recordings and travel.
To record sounds and atmospheres that the world provides us with without skipping the quality and the originality of the
sound within the touch of the final product. Cultivating a proper and unique style. Field recordings of
environmental events, either natural or produced by anthropic contexts provide the main source of sound research for
electronic productions. Concrete material becomes the basis for acoustic anthropological research and sonorizations
applied to visual and performing arts as well as experimental hybrid compositions.

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Biography of James Unk:

Born in France, James Unk first got in touch with music very early by learning to play drums. His passion for music pushed him to explore many musical instruments and ways to create music, he finally reached the electronic music at the age of 16 by performing live sets with analogic machines in clubs and parties.
Then he started djing and in the same time producing his first records on french labels.
In 2007 , he release the "Glitch Control Ep", with a killer remix from Paco Osuna (Plus 8/Mindshake) on the famous belgium label Lessizmore Records from the Fuse Club.
Now he is working with some of the most respected labels in minimal techno scene, like Monocline Records (Portugal), Frucht Label (germany), and many others labels for the remixes he is doing for artists like Mike Wall, Felix Lorusso, Gas, Insect Elektrika, and many others...

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