11.11.2016, 23:59

Fundbureau - Cultt. Collective x Fundbureau x Hamburg

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Cultt. is a Hildesheim (Germany) based Record Label & Booking Agency founded in June '16. The collective is spreading electronic vibes in terms of melodic stuff, techno and bass house music around the world. Consisting of differently individuals with future selected apparel, they will organize vibrating labelnights in carefully well-chosen locations in germany.

Line Up:

Modul Kollektiv (Kittball, Cultt | Wien)

Frederique (This Ain't Bristol, Cultt | Hannover)

Jerome Dupuis (Chief Recordings NL, Cultt | Hildesheim)

Jan Hyme (Cultt | Hildesheim)

Herr Nasemann (Cultt | Hannover)

Niko Biedermann - Music Page (Alle Tanzen | Hildesheim)

Undè (Cultt | Hildesheim)

Chris Kistenmacher (Rappelkiste | Hamburg)

Dominic Duve (Rappelkiste | Hamburg)

Nils Trojak (Cafe Frisör, Cultt | Hildesheim)

Sabura (Geistzeit, Eulentanz | Hamburg)

Doors: 23:55 Uhr
Abendkasse 10€


Stresemannstraße 114
22769 Hamburg