01.11.2014, 23:55

Fundbureau - PLASTIK!

Flyer für: Fundbureau - PLASTIK!
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Ungeregelte Regeldreher der Nacht:

★ Alhek / Mechanical Thoughts; Wall Music (Berlin)
★ Ira&i / subspAce
★ Florian Belmondo / plastik!
★ Felix Lorusso / Cirque du Minimaliste; plastik!

★Visuals: Ben Zin / plastik!

Nicht Eingeladen sind: Rassisten, Faschisten und Sexisten!!!

Keine Einlassgarantie!

Alhek Bio.:


ALHEK is a producer, Dj, Live Performer, sound designer and mastering technician from Italy.
His first approach to electronic music production was in the early 2000.
In 2008 he attended a course for sound engineering in Rome and came back to the productions, getting to work with a lot of important labels and producers.
In 2012 he moved to Berlin, now he is active in the techno scene as producer and Dj.
His dark, mental and noisy sound is obtaining now a growing appreciation, as also his mastering,
taking him to finalize tracks for a lot of european producers and labels, such Wall Music, Genesa records and many more.
In October 2014 he launched his own label called "Mechanical Thoughts Records", full expression of his idea of electronic music.