29.05.2019, 22:00

Beat Boutique - Dimension 6

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Dimension is a project started in January 2019 as a way to bring a perfect sound and creating unforgettable moments in Berlin,Hamburg and London!
Is a project that allows us all to be: creative, inventive and to use our talent in different ways,to don`t be afraid of being unique and different!
We want to write our story together! Everyone is welcome to be part of our family,community and friends !
We are going to collaborate with very special and talented artists that brings to all of you new ways of understanding and experiencing the electronic music!
Use your mind and open your soul! Electronic music is infinity and allows you to be as you are!
Next step will be announced soon!
Let life be like music! Dimension.

Line Up:

Justine Perry - (Art Bei Ton/ Berlin)

Chincha - (Art & Techno/ Dimension6)

Broxan. Künstler /Musiker/Dj - (Meet Recordings/ Art & Techno/ Dimension6)

Makarii - (Art & Techno/ Dimension6)

Allē - (Dimension6)