15.09.2016, 21:00

Bahnhof Pauli - Gato Preto (Mozambique/Ghana) - tropical bass thunderstorm

Flyer für: Bahnhof Pauli - Gato Preto (Mozambique/Ghana) - tropical bass thunderstorm
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Their masked mystique is the music,a tropical bass thunderstorm of candy rain and sound clouds. The duo producer Lee Bass and rapper/singer Gata Misteriosa, unveil the African music paradise reflecting their roots in the polyrhythm of Bass’ Ghana and the Portuguese slang of Gatas
With ahypersonic beat-machine Gato Preto travel through time and bass, always on the hunt for new grooves. For a long time Lee was sending out frequencies into the space when he finally
caught a strange message from another galaxy: it was Gata who responded. The two decided to remix their forces for a world with better grooves. Gata descends from a rhyme tribe located in a far away sound system, while Lee comes from Planet Decibel where he grew up in an hyper room fed by bass. Follow them on their journey, while they explore galaxies, sound-systems and planets full of grooves: they will break the sonic barrier. Some call their sound Future Kuduro and Global
Bass Music, others simply enjoy something very unique.
Unique is what they are live: futuristic outfits combined with Gata jumping the stage, rhyming, singing and drobing the drums.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/GatoPretoMusic

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| Open: 21:00 | Start: 22:00