05.11.2016, 23:59

Bahnhof Pauli - Im Zug der Zeit - Weska + Lucinee & Support

Flyer für: Bahnhof Pauli - Im Zug der Zeit - Weska + Lucinee & Support
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Im Zug der Zeit - Relaunch Opening 2016

Weska [ Octopus Recordings, Tronic Music / Toronto - CAN ]

Lucinee [ reclaim it all / Hamburg ]

Shalar [ COSY / Hamburg ]

Emerging from the Toronto underground, Weska's passion for the electronic music scene first began with a pair of newmark TT500s and a two channel mixer. Years later, he found his way into the studio. Now having recently been supported by the likes of Dosem, Bart Skils, and the Octopus and Drumcode families, he seems to be fulfilling his childhood dreams, yet the journey has just begun.

Melodic yet at times dark, his vision within the studio has consistently translated into distinct and commanding tracks. Embodying his energetic spirit, his productions land on the dance-floor with immense vitality. Currently building a strong fan-base both local and abroad, Toronto clubs have presented Weska with a platform to breach the international music scene. CODA, Maison, Red, and Hoxton are but a few of the venues that have housed the young producer. With big things in the works and an inexhaustible passion for music, the future looks bright for the rising artist.

RA: goo.gl/eW94fq
Doors: 23h59
Entry: 08,00 EUR