05.11.2022, 23:00

Gängeviertel - Fashion Rave

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On the 05.11.2022 we will set the Fabrique @gaengeviertel on fire providing you wih a superb fusion of fashion, music and art.

On the fashion floor we will take you on a thrilling journey of a live fashion show accompanied by amazing visuals and driving techno sets.
In the basement you will get the best of vibing house beatz chearing up with feministic art and delicious absinth and gin drinks.

So get them fashion dresses out of the closet, style up and be the first stars of the night when we shoot you in front of our photo wall.

- Fedora Mednard
- MYL Berlin
- Semmy Willemsen
- Shirtboy Nice

- Justyna Jakóbowska
- K De Clea


23:00 Elly (Bad Feminists)
00:30 Mara Zee (Bad Feminists)
02:30 Pepé (Bad Feminists)
04:00 SonicColide (Bad Feminists)
05:30 Ellavic (Bad Feminists)

00:00 René Schwedler (Electronic Beatz Network)
02:00 Florian Martin (Electronic Beatz Network)
04:00 Jared Austin (Electronic Beatz Network)

We do not tolerate any kind of -ISMS! This event serves a safe space for all and our awareness team will be on site all night long to make sure you feel safe and home. At the entrance we will inform you about where and how to spot them.

2G+ !!!

We are a non-profit collective and all working voluntarily with the objective to raise awareness, fuse arts, empower and spread love. Our entrance policy underlines that: come and pay what it\'s worth to you and support us creating many more of these unforgettable moments.

More infos: https://ebeatz.link/fr01