23.01.2020, 23:00

Golden Pudel Club - Lucid w/ Minimal Violence

Flyer für: Golden Pudel Club - Lucid w/ Minimal Violence
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Live: Minimal Violence (1080p, Lobster Theremin/ CAN)

Formed in 2014, minimal violence is a Vancouver based collaboration between artists Lida Pawliuk and Ashlee Luk. Focused on hardware production and performance, minimal violence is known for its drum heavy, acid tinged live sets that blur the line between house and techno. The duo has since released on First Second Label (IRL), 1080p (CAN), and Jungle Gym Records (USA), with upcoming releases scheduled for spring 2017.

minimal violence

Hamburg DJ Support by Lucinee

Lucinee is a Hamburg based Techno DJ, producer and resident at renowned PAL nightclub in Hamburg.
Having established a remarkable and distinctive musical style and energy on the underground techno circuits of Hamburg and Berlin in the past few years, she is known for her powerful, ruthless, intense and enchantingly devilish Techno sets.
Her newest project of heart is NACKT, a forward-thinking queer-inclusive Techno party at PAL, mixing freedom of sexual expression, body positivity, fetish, art, visuals and banging, cutting-edge Techno.
She also organizes »Lucid«, a party series with a focus on raw & energetic Techno in venues like Rote Flora and Golden Pudel Club, supporting the local underground community.
She has recently released her promising debut EP Black Moon (12”) on Snork Enterprises, followed by releases on the Hamburg based Vinyl label Ohne kommerziellen Wert, Rebels Conspiracy and Death Bell Records.