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Live: WaqWaq Kingdom (Kiki Hitomi & DJ Scotch Egg)

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Next level sounds coming from the Science Ninja Team WaqWaq Kingdom, re-charting dub territory as we know it with their highly addictive post-tribal epic Shinsekai (“New World”) from Jahtari Rocords.

Driven by the trimba (a percussion instrument developed and mastered by Moondog) of Andrea Belfi (Nils Frahm, Nonkeen, Mike Watt) –– the ethereal voice of Kiki Hitomi (King Midas Sound- Ninja Tune) is twisting through a fog of swirling arpeggiators and polyrhythmic textures, all brought together beautifully by bass- and mayhem expert Shigeru Ishihara (DJ Scotch Egg, Seefeel).

‘Shinsekai’ develops its very own language as each of the hypnotic tracks meanders through different stages of deepness and tension, evolving into the bigger picture of an album with a dazzling amount of intrinsic details.

Stunning artwork by Simon Fowler (Sunn O))), The Bug and many more), done in Hanga / relief printing style. Guest vocals on “Step Into The World” by Kathy Alberici. Mastered and cut for extra heaviness by Pole / Scape Mastering Berlin. Mehr dazu Satan im Sattel

7″+Tape release
Good News

Nina the Squaw Love und Tobi Hirschkadaver schrieen in den Wald für ein neues Tape Release auf ihrem VIS Label. Es erschienen zwei blutige Büffel namens Fallbeil (keine Revolverhelden, eher Zutreiber und Rhabarberbieger).
Nach dem Gesetzeshüter Wyatt Erp auch bekannt als der Abschaum Hamburgs. Durch stramme Marschformationen zogen sie in die Schlacht und formten ein geballtes Spektakel mit Trickreiten, Feuertanz und Bogenschießen. Sie treten regelmäßig bei Karl May in Bad Segeberg auf und das Abschlusskonzert findet im Tipi des Golden Pudel statt.
Live: Jason Hogans

Beats, raps, poems, house, techno, broken beat, drum & bass, hip hop, melodic vocals, live beat sets, future bass, ambient, jazzy, vinyl DJ, spoken word, experimental, emcee, piano, guitar, percussion, laptop soul, Detroit, worldwide, spread love.

"This is the future of post-drum & bass breakbeat culture ... totally millenium's edge and running, mate." - Dego of 4Hero

Jason Hogans is a producer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who first impacted through Detroit’s electronic music scene, impressively debuting on Carl Craig's Planet E in ’98 with an EP called ‘Peter And The Rooster.’ ‘Peter And The Rooster’ combined drum & bass, techno, jazz, and hip hop elements in a brilliant display of creativity and experimentalism, helping to pave a new direction for Planet E. It was through a fellow producer and friend, Matt Chicoine that Hogans was introduced to the Planet E camp. Fans of one another's work, Chicoine (Recloose) introduced Hogans to Planet E director Carl Craig once he was signed as an artist to the Detroit based label.

Hogans has consistently paved his own unique trajectory, creating diverse and forward-thinking sounds which transcend the confines of many mainstream musical genres. Rather than following the obvious creative path after his debut, new musical blends came after Hogans' experimentations with multiple styles such as folk, minimal, punk, glitch, soul, reggae/dub, jazz and more. This convergence of flavors could be heard on his 2005 release under his newly created :brownstudy moniker, ‘Tell Me More About Bubbles’ on the Third Ear label. ‘Tell Me More About Bubbles’ was Jason's first professional release featuring his own vocals and solidified his reputation as a lyricist as well as a producer. Hogans' relentlessly experimental eclecticism continued to intensify and mutate with stylistically diverse releases on Mahogani Music, Faces Records/MCDE, his own Really Nice Recordings label and more all the way through to :brownstudy's ‘Life Well Lived’ in 2014, also released on Third Ear.

Following 2014’s well-received LP under his :brownstudy alias, 'Life Well Lived,’ Jason Hogans stepped away from the mic to focus on an LP of flawless instrumentals. Returning to production under his own name for the first time in nearly two decades, 2016’s ‘The Age of Scrap’ belies its title to instead deliver a forward thinking record rooted in classic Detroit, fused with futurist sonics that refuse to look back. Hogans organized his own European tour to support the LP, with stops in Strasbourg, Paris, Heidelberg, Amsterdam, Brussels & London.

Jason has been staying busy with heartfelt vocal features, self-released beat tapes, innovative remixes and engaging live performances throughout Europe and the United States. Not content with a single performance style, you will find him in front of turntables playing house and techno records, blending live electronic beats on his hardware, rocking the microphone or any combination of the above. Jason has been fortunate to share both stage (Faruq Z. Bey, Sinistarr, James Blood Ulmer, Tadd Mullinix) and studio (Jimmy Edgar, Kevin Saunderson, Paul Randolph, Anthony Shakir) with many talented & respected artists from all over the world and is currently developing releases for multiple labels across the globe.

"Lovely experimental stuff. No faking it here." - Luke Vibert aka Wagon Christ

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